Who are we?


Taina has Licensiate of Social Sciences and Master of Science in Technology and 25 years of experience in services, industry and research, both as an employee and a supervisor, as well as in management. Furthermore, Taina is an experienced entrepreneur, educator and publisher. Beside work, she is finalizing her PhD studies in economic sociology at the University of Turku; previously, she took PhD courses in work psychology and management at the Aalto University School of Science and Technology.

Taina has significant expertise in the various learning issues of diverse learners. She has given lectures and published articles in diverse learning, and she has also developed specific group methods for adults who need support in social interaction. It is especially her comprehensive understanding of this field that qualifies her as an expert in in-depth organisational action management. Organisations consist of various individuals working together - and some of those are diverse learners.

At Variantti, Taina is CEO and partner. She is senior expert in method development and also responsible for publishing SBM information services. Her special expertise lies in research, industry, industrial services, logistics, procurement and technical trade. Her areas of expertise also include other branches like healthcare, education, basic education, and the organisations of special interest groups.

Hannu has Master’s degree in Energy Engineering and 25 years of experience in energy industry involving business responsibility and thermal power plant O&M management globally. His career includes 18 years in managerial position at different organisational levels from first line to business unit management.

Recently, he has completed his studies for Turnaround Management and Corporate Renewal Professional. Currently Hannu is also CEO and partner in a technology development company.

At Variantti he is in charge of the development of SBM services, sales and marketing, as well as of the development of consulting services. His special skills are in leadership, process development, setting up maintenance strategies and promoting occupational health and safety.

Tapio is D. Sc. (Tech) and after his graduation (M. Sc. (Tech) 1975) he was five years in various teaching and research positions in the Electrotechnical Department at the Helsinki University of Technology. After that he moved in 1980 to energy industry business and has been acting more than 30 years in various management and expert positions.

Tapio defended his doctoral dissertation in 2010 at Aalto University school of technology, international project oriented business. The dissertation addresses the organizational action and change when developing service business in the context of a large energy company. Organizations in his study are considered as social systems.

Tapio still continues at his current employer but contributes to the business of Variantti Oy as a lecturer and participates as an expert in writing of articles. In addition to this Tapio acts as a member of SBM editorial board participating in reviewing of papers to be published.