Good Employer service

Rate your marketability as an employer!

Good Employer –service has been initially developed at the Work Research Centre (WRC) of the University of Tampere. With this easy to use questionnaire tool you can reveal how good, attractive and motivate employer you are from your personnel’s perspective:

  • clarify the job satisfaction and commitment of your personnel
  • bring out the development issues at your work place
  • compare the results with other employers within the same business sector
  • develop your company and work place in a way that increases personnel’s job motivation and willingness to contribute to the development work

Both productivity and company’s economical competitiveness increase along with the motivation of personnel. As its best Good Employer –service enhances the company image and gives you more marketing power. Further, the results positively support the recruitment of new staff.

Good Employer –service may be repeated annually or on other regular time intervals giving you the opportunity to monitor the progress of development at the work place. In addition to the standard questionnaire and report, we can tailor additional company spesific questionnaires ja reports based on your needs.

The questionnaire tool is meant for work places employing 20 or more staff. It applies to multi language work places, as questionnaire is in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian. Reports are in Finnish and English only.